Alessandro Pascoli

I'm a holistic Designer with twenty years of experience in leading and doing strategic work in branding, design thinking, human centred innovation, service design, CX and UX.

CX Customer Experience Mapping

Client: Uber (Amsterdam NL).

Project: Customer Lifecycle, Journey, Moments.

Agency: C Space London.

My role: Design Director.


Value proposition: concept development, CX design, prototyping.

Client: Ikano (Luxembourg LU) + Swiss Re (Zürich CH) for Ikea HQ (Delft NL).

Project: Workshop x3 hackathon days, 4 markets overnight survey, prototypes and 2 sprint iterations.

Agency: C Space London.

My role: Design Director, UX Design, Sprint Facilitator.


"Design Thinking is a bad idea. No, is a wonderful idea. Confused?"

My talk at C Space London, 12 December 2018.

I help brands to design intuitive and unified experiences, integrating Interaction Design into products, services, spaces, and brands.

Philips' Beauty Persona activation work

Client: Philips (Amsterdam NL).

Project: Qualitative Segmentation and Personas creation via community relationship. Global internal activation campaign (6 markets): launch event, Persona's film, global deck, private Instagram account, private online dashboard website.

Agency: C Space London.

My role: Design Director.

The Plum Guide: Brand Identity and Product

Client: The Plum Guide (London UK).

Project: Visual identity, UX and website for The Plum Guide, a collection of the world’s most professional, creative, inspiring spaces and hosts.

My role: Design Director, Brand Designer, UX Designer.

Entelligent Energy: Brand Identity

Client:  Spenceram Ltd. (London UK).

Project: Brand identity for a start-up that provides authenticated renewable energy by matching sellers directly with buyers, and cutting the margin that traditional suppliers make from buying generation at a discount to the market and selling it at a premium to consumers. Entelligent Energy also wants to share some of this margin with the generator.

My role: Design Director, Brand Designer.

With a human-centred approach and learning-by-doing process, I can direct, design, and collaborate across the whole process: user research, concept development, prototyping, implementation.

SHAPE: Brand Identity and CX Customer Experience

Client: Omnicom Europe Limited (London UK).

Project: Brand Identity and Brand Experience for SHAPE, the first online collaboration platform and process from Omnicom. SHAPE harnesses the power of Connected Brilliance by delivering breakthrough cross-agency thinking to Omnicom's clients, at speed.

My role: Creative Lead, Brand Designer.

Google Human Truth: Brand Identity

Client: Google (Mountain View CA / Chicago IL).

Project: Branding Google internal insight team “Human Truth” and its whole programme, to deliver engaging outputs and helping raise internal customer’s awareness. Brand Identity, Trendspotting Reports (via‎), Data Visualisation and Infographics, Website.

Agency: C Space London.

My role: Design Director, UX and Digital Designer.


MadeMake Insight Community Identity

Client: C Space (London UK).

Project: Logo and visual identity for an insight community project.

My role: Design Director, Designer.

I believe design serves human needs for safety, understanding, achievement and beauty.

Currently Design Director at C Space, I’m helping to solve complex problems for and with clients and partners: Air France KLM, Aviva, Colgate, Diageo Blossom Hill, Elsevier, Global Hotel Alliance, Google, Ikano, Ikea, Jaguar Land Rover,, McDonald's, Omnicom, Orange, Philips, Sanofi, Swiss Re, Takeda, Tandem Bank, Twitter, Uber, Zurich.

A founder partner of Sezione Aurea, I was creative director of this boutique studio based in Italy for over ten years and have been working across Europe and the UK on various projects for the like of MSC Crociere, Nokia ES, The Lord of the Rings Italian merchandise.

Passionate about symbols, typography, early music, house music, history of art, design, tweed jackets, risotto, quantum mechanics, seafood spaghetti, Walzer, Speyside single malts, Ingmar Bergman, labradors.

If you’d like to discuss a new project or request me for a talk, please get in touch. Thank you.