Entelligent Energy visual identity

How do you depict the passage of energy from one subject to another?

With the simplicity of basic geometric shapes shaded as the sky, the sun and the wind.


Entelligent Energy provides authenticated renewable energy. Their fundamental proposition is that by matching sellers directly with buyers, they cut into the margin that traditional suppliers make from buying generation at a discount to the market and selling it at a premium to consumers. Entelligent Energy also wants to share some of this margin with the generator.
The logo: two elements – seller and buyer – are directly connected without any other interference. A gradient is used to signify both the passage from the generator to the consumer and the never-ending movement of natural forces.
Photography: sun, wind and water are shown in action via beautiful landscapes and natural scenes.

Client: Spenceram Ltd., London, UK

My work: logotype, visual identity, website

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InVision