Global Hotel Alliance: Discovery programme

How do you design a new luxury tier for hotels that don’t want to say they are part of GHA?

By a disruptive design process and an effective solution so simple no-one had considered it.


Global Hotel Alliance is the world’s largest group of independent luxury hotel brands, with one of the industry’s best reward programmes. Nevertheless, some brands wanted a rewards programme identity that didn’t say GHA. So we involved them in a brand new redesign process that started with a no-logo visual proposal: just the guest’s signature. In the end, the existing invite-only red card became the new luxury tier, with a classy new look.

Full project available here

Client: Global Hotel Alliance, Dubai, UAE

Agency: Promise Communispace, London, UK

My work: Logotype (redesign), cards, programme identity, guidelines

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign